9 Hot Tips for Video Marketing

Here are 9 hot tips to help you make sure you're ticking all the boxes when it comes to video marketing, and making the most of it.
Video and film production

9 Hot Tips for Video Marketing

Video and film production

Here are 9 hot tips to help you make sure you’re ticking all the boxes when it comes to video marketing, and making the most of it.

1) What’s the purpose?

This is the first step when marketing, and even more so when video marketing. If you’re getting stuck into video, whether producing it yourself or through a company like us, then first ask yourself: “What do I want this video to do?” Then ask what result do you want from it? What action do you want viewers to take after they’ve watched it?

Making sure that your call-to-action and the purpose of your video is clear will help you form the structure, style, and content of the video.

2) Collect feedback

Data will help you go some way to deciding whether you video has worked or not. For instance, if you goal was to generate website views, and you saw a 40% increase in web traffic after sharing it on social media, then surely it’s worked. But that traffic could be from another marketing effort. This is why the best thing to do is ask the people for their opinion. This can start in-house during the production stages, but you will get the most valuable feedback from your customers. Ask them their thoughts. Was it too long? Did it make sense?

3) Make your title count

In a world that now revolves around media, capturing attention in the first few seconds is vital. This is why your title needs to capture attention. Avoid video click-bait (making a title purposefully alluring, such as “You won’t believe what happens next!’) and focus on something clever and eye-catching, such as question that your video can answer, or an aspect of your call-to-action.

4) Capture leads

If your video is compelling enough, you may be able to use it to generate leads as well as website views or Facebook likes. Perhaps offer an incentive for an email sign-up at the end or halfway through that prompt viewers to give your their details. That way, viewers become leads that you can engage with via email.

5) Get straight to the point

Again, brevity is the key. Get to the point of your video, or capture a viewer’s attention, within the first 3 seconds. This can be done with an informative or engaging intro, an eye-catching thumbnail, or even just with a clever start.

6) Be clever

It isn’t just companies like Money Supermarket and Red Bull that can make clever video. You can too, and usually for a fraction of their budgets. Think bout what resources you have in-house, and put them to good use, even if it’s just good advice or quirky ideas. Standing out from the crowd will help you to get noticed.

7) Think about your ROI

Just as with collecting feedback, be aware of what video is doing for your business. Look at what it cost to make, versus the effect it’s having on your business. If the data reveals that it’s not working, then you may need to rethink your approach and content.

8) Get the casting right

If you’re using people, be mindful of who you’re casting. Think about whether it reflects your target demographic, or whether somebody feels approachable or not onscreen. You want actors or voice-overs that reflect well on your business, and add something extra to your video.

And 9) Include your URL or handles

And lastly, don’t forget to include all your relevant URLs and social media handles into the video. Even if viewers don’t follow the call-to-action, they might note down your company for a later time, or follow you on social. Be sure to make that possible.

And if you want to produce some videos for your business, get in touch to tell us more about your ideas. Our video services start from £595. Call us on: 01403 265266 or email: info@myworldfilms.co.uk.