My World Films is a multi-service film production company committed to delivering powerful and engaging video that delivers measurable results.

who are my world films?

My World Films is a video production company providing industry leading film for clients who want their message seen and remembered.  We are passionate about creative and effective video communication, whether it be to promote, educate or entertain.  We have an absolute love and passion for moving image.  Our success has been built on the back of a hard-working enthusiastic attitude and years of experience and dedication for film. Our fresh outlook and cutting edge techniques deliver a product that will satisfy any communication need through the use of video.

Our Clients

our aims

  • To fully understand your needs and objectives.
  • To create engaging videos that deliver way beyond your expectations.
  • Ensure that we ally our innovation and creativity very closely to a return on your investment.
  • Remember we are the film production experts.  You don’t have to be.  We aim to ensure you find the whole process is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.
  • We will ALWAYS go that extra mile.  Nothing we do is ever average.

our approach

  • Clearly define the target outcomes, audience and objectives.
  • Create an engaging and compelling outline for the film containing content that will deliver exactly the right message.
  • Embrace your feedback, contributions and suggestion throughout the creative process.
  • Maximise traffic and views by ensuring effective distribution across all digital channels.
  • Focus 100% on delivering a measurable return on your investment.
  • Remember that professionally created film works every time.

our promise to you

  • We will never start on your project until we completely understand your requirements.
  • We are completely committed to meeting your needs and not our own.
  • We will respect the fact that any sensitive information you may give us is confidential.
  • We never cut corners.  Quality is everything and if we can’t make you look good we won’t look good ourselves.
  • We always look to establish long term relationships with our customers. It is essential we deliver exactly what we promise.
  • Film is FUN.  Let’s enjoy creating it, the results and pleasure it can bring.

We bring businesses and stories to life through the power of film