….Your Story. Your Film.

What is Your Biographical Film?

Have you ever wanted to be the subject of your own film? Have you ever wanted to tell the story of your life? Maybe you have a partner or a parent whose story should be told.

My World Films offer ordinary people the new, unique and fantastic opportunity to have their story turned into a personal testament that can be enjoyed by family and friends for generations to come. We create biographical films for individuals, couples and families, at the request of the subject themselves or as a truly wonderful and totally original gift idea.

How Do We Make Your Film?

Whatever the reason there has never been a better time to have your story put on film for all eternity. Using a combination of new professionally shot footage as well as any existing photos or film you may have, and with contributions from friends and family we tell your story in your words. Our crew and production team will ensure the whole experience is enjoyable and memorable, and the resulting product will be a lasting legacy of your life and times.

Why Do I Want to Tell My Story?

BIOGRAPHICAL VIDEOSOur customers have many different motivations.  Often we shoot a film as a gift for a landmark birthday present or to mark a special wedding anniversary.  Sometimes people are keen to leave something that their grandchildren can enjoy, and then in turn, pass onto their own grandchildren. Another popular service is the family film where we shoot footage of several generations and put it all together into one film. Occasionally ill health or old age is the thing that prompts someone to have their story told.  Whatever the reason, everyone has a story waiting to be heard.

Most ordinary people never get the opportunity to feature in their own film. Now we are offering them that chance.The thoughts and the words of past generations are now sadly lost forever. With the technology available today it would be a shame if we allowed that trend to continue.