The Process

How does it all happen


If you think you or a loved one might be interested in a biographical film then give us a call.  We’ll discuss what you might like to have included in the film, what different options are available and what costs would be involved.  Once we have come up with something that matches your requirements we can proceed to book a production meeting.

the production meeting

We take time to discuss the way you would like the film to be produced, and who you want to appear in it. We get an idea of what you would like to say, and agree locations for the shoot. We work out a framework for the script and look at what existing photos or film you might want to be included. We then agree a date for the shoot itself.

friends and family

If you would like your friends and family to contribute photos and video footage, we can set up a Dropbox facility so they can do so.  Where possible we like to include contributions from different people and we are always happy to go along and meet them.  We have in the past also attended family gatherings, like for example barbeques where we set up a camera and invite people to say a few words about the subject of the film.

day of the shoot

Its showtime.  Our crew, normally comprising of a cameraman and a producer, arrive at the time and venue agreed. Our experienced and professional crew are used to working with people who may be nervous about appearing on film, so they will take the time you need to make the process relaxed and enjoyable. It’s difficult to predict the precise duration of the shoot, but we normally allow around four hours.  It’s completely informal and unrushed.


the editing process

Our editing team begin the process of piecing together your story. They embed your own photos with film from the shoot; together with any added content from friends and family, producing the first cut. This is sent to you for your thoughts and input. We continue to make any changes you would like us to make and eventually  finish up with the Final Cut. This is normally a 45-60 minute film on DVD, delivered to you in a presentation box, but is also fully able to be uploaded onto any internet platform.