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Facebook video

Facebook reaches over 8 billion daily video views

Facebook video

In April of last year, Facebook’s daily video views reached a staggering 4 billion. That was impressive enough, however as of late 2015, that number has doubled. That’s right – daily video views on Facebook now number 8 billion on average, from just 500 million users. That’s eight times the amount of video views Facebook reported in September 2014.

While some argue that this isn’t totally accurate (Facebook counts 3 seconds of watching a “view”) the fact that this statistic has doubled shows that Facebook users are voracious when it comes to videos.

What else is Facebook changing?

Because video is being so successful, Facebook are now testing a range of new functionality that puts the onus on video media. This could really give Facebook the edge over YouTube, finally overtaking the Google-owned video giant.

Just some of the aspects they may be adding to the interface include picture-in-picture video, suggested video feeds based on Facebook’s demographic data, and even channels to help people consume more video.

Monetisation is also something that Facebook is trialling, from allowing content creators to make money from original content, as well as bringing in advertising so Facebook can pay a share to creators.

Overall, Facebook is moving heavily towards a one-stop-shop for images, entertainment, news and communication, all centred around video.

What do these video views mean for businesses?

This intake of video, over 760 years of video per day, represents a huge opportunity for businesses. With so many hours and minutes being watched, it’s a great time to be producing video content that can increase interest in your business.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said that 1.5 million medium and small businesses shared videos in September of 2015. This means that if you’re not getting on the bandwagon, you may be losing out to competitors. While image content and links still perform well, it’s the time to start producing video.

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