How to Make a Video with a Powerpoint Presentation

Making Video With Powerpoint

How to Make a Video with a Powerpoint Presentation

Making Video With Powerpoint

If you’re looking to make quick and simple video for your business, there’s actually a way of doing it that’s very cheap, easy, and can be reasonably professional – using a Powerpoint presentation.

When you’re working on a brief advert or update, and want to create a video that is too small or simple for hiring a professional company like My World Films, you can create a Powerpoint presentation and export it as video to make it a little more interesting. We’ve put the instructions below for you, to show you just how easy it is.


There are lots of great reasons for using Powerpoint, other than how quick and simple it is. For instance, you can:

  • Publish your video to the web or distribute via email, knowing it will play without a glitch.
  • Record and narrate over the top of your presentation, to add a personal touch. You can even record laser pointer movements.
  • Viewers don’t have to have Powerpoint, nor your fonts, on their computer.
  • Embed other video into the presentation, which will play exactly how you want it.
  • Control the size and quality of your video for different applications.

The content

Keep in mind that besides your narration, you’re not going to be standing there talking through your presentation, explaining the slides. The content therefore should be clear and concise, and easy to read on smaller screens, like smartphones. Pick out the core of the purpose of the video, and make sure you get it across as clearly as possible.

Use text as well as pictures to capture attention at the very start of the video. Remember, videos autoplay on some social media platforms like Facebook, so you want the first few frames to show clearly what the video is, and why they should watch it. Large text over an interesting image, texture, or logo can work well.


The clever thing about Powerpoint is that you can add animations to make your content move around. There’s a fine line here between professional and cheesy, so be careful to not go overboard when making you content move, slide, and fly about.

If you want the animations to run just how you want them, you can add timings and rules in the animations menu to time how long you want transitions to last, and in what order.

Clever ideas include making your logo move smoothly between pages, creating dynamic slideshows that hold a viewer’s attention, or making important text and call-to-actions stand out.

Narrating and laser pointers

This couldn’t be easier, and all you need is a computer with a microphone and speakers. You can overlay your voice by going to the Slide Show tab, then Set Up, and click Record Slide Show. From there you can record from the slide you’re on, or record from the beginning. Select Narrations and laser pointer from the options. Just click Start Recording and you’re ready to narrate. Your mouse will also turn into a laser pointer, for the duration of the recording.

Overlaying music

This is also really easy, and can really compliment the narration, as well as the content of your slides. Just go to the Insert tab, select Audio, and then Audio from File. From there you can input an .mp3 or .wma file. You’ll then see a speaker icon appear on your slide, just like when you were narrating. Clicking this provides all sorts of options, where you can set your music to start on click and play across all slides. You can also loop it if you’re producing a slightly longer video.

Exporting your video

When you’re done with the presentation, click Save & Send under the File menu and select Create a video. All the different quality and size options can be found under the Computer & HD Displays down arrow. You’ll then be shown a range of screen sizes which are related to quality. From there, select Use Recording Timings and Narrations. Then click Create Video.

It really is as simple as that, and all it take is just a bit of time and practise.

In the meantime, if you want to create a truly professional video for your website, business, or social media, talk to My World Films about what we can offer. Call us on: 01403 265266 or email: