How to make videos with Instagram

As well as uploading photos, you can now shoot video on Instagram, making it easy to shoot quick videos for your business and social media platforms.
How to use instagram video

How to make videos with Instagram

How to use instagram video

Last year, Instagram gave us the ability to shoot video as well as upload photos. This can be used to great effect when making quick videos for your business, or shooting engaging social media videos.

It’s now possible to record 3-15 second long videos, which can be comprised of one continuous shot, or several shorter shots filmed one after the other. If you’ve used Twitter video, then you’ll find that it’s quite similar. Just like Twitter, you can delete or add scenes, and even add filters. The video is then posted on the timeline for all to see, though it doesn’t loop like Vine does.

Shooting an Instagram video

To shoot a video, all you have to do is tap the video camera button next to the camera button, and then press and hold the red button to start recording. Recording stops when you take your finger off. You can record as much video as you want, continuously or separately, right up until 15 seconds’ worth.

Shake Reduction

You’ll notice a little shake reduction icon appear when filming, which is automatic and can quite useful. You can review whether you like it switched on or off once you’ve finished recording. It might actually improve the stability of the video, so you may want to leave it on for posting.

Uploading video to Instagram

The good thing about using Instagram video, again like Twitter video, is that you can also upload videos from your phone. You can even upload videos made in other camera apps. This means that if you prefer using a third party app to record your videos, then by all means create it with that, and then upload into Instagram.

This means that you can also upload videos from your computer, via your phone. You can put to use any incredible editing software and effects you have, connect your phone, transfer the video, and then upload, edit, and post via Instagram. Just remember that any uploaded videos still have to be 15 seconds, and no longer.

The time limit

Now 15 seconds might not sound like a long time, bit it’s quite deceptive. If you count it out, you’ll realise how much you can actually fit into that timeframe. That’s why it’s also wise to plan out what you’re going to film and how, including all the transitions, motion, and any speech, so you know exactly what to do.

Overlaying music onto Instagram videos

Music and sounds, or lack thereof, can also be used to great effect. The Instagram app will use your phone’s microphone to record ambient sound, but you can also mute it by turning down your smartphone’s volume. You can also overlay music to videos recorded outside of Instagram, using apps like iMovie or Vintagio.

Time-lapse and stop motion

Another clever idea you might want to try is time-lapse or stop-motion video, which can really impress your followers or customers. It’s really easy via smartphones, especially as you can either do it using the Instagram press-and-hold function, or using a third-party app. You may want to consider a tripod if you want to keep things still, or something with wheels if you’re looking to do a moving shot.

Hopefully that shows just how easy it is to record and use Instagram video. For a few more clever ideas on how to use Instagram, here’s a great Mashable article on 16 creative ways to use video on Instagram.

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