We create videos that deliver measurable results

PROMOTIONAL VIDEOSWhat Video Can Do For Your Business

There are many advantages to video marketing but put simply it will do three things that most businesses will benefit from.

  • A video will significantly improve your website search engine visibility.
  • On average, adding a video to your website will increase traffic by 20%.
  • It will generate revenue.  A potential customer, having watched a video, is 6 times more likely to convert into a paying customer.

The internet has radically changed the world and the way we communicate. A large part of our lives is spent online and we use the internet as a completely natural part of our everyday decision making process. Spearheading this change is video, which is able to convey ideas and messages simply, quickly and easily.  Video can engage with your customers and deliver content and concepts far more effectively then plain text ever can.

Will Video Marketing Deliver a Measurable Return on Investment?.

One of the biggest concerns any business has when investing in marketing and advertising is how they measure results and what return they will get on the investment.  The beauty of video marketing is that not only does it work but it its effectiveness is transparent. Add a video to your website, to Social Media or to an e-marketing campaign and you can see in an instant how many people have clicked on it, how long they spent watching the video, whether they forwarded it to colleagues, the average time spent watching the film and much more. It is  easy to see exactly how your promotional film is being received and how viewers are engaging with it.

The Types of Video We Make Include:

  • Promotional films to enhance your brand and build awareness
  • Public relations videos for your company’s website
  • Community engagement and news style pieces for Facebook and social media
  • Educational films.
  • Corporate news and internal video communications.
  • Personalised tender and proposal video introductions.
  • Event coverage and seminars.
  • Government and non-profit organisation video communications

Once Complete your Video can be distributed in a number of ways:

  • Website and internal video clips
  • Social media including Facebook and YouTube
  • Interactive DVDs & Blu-Ray media
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Screen loops for showrooms and exhibitions

We Provide Everything from Concept to Creation including:

  • Idea Development
  • Script Writing
  • Presenters and Voiceover Artists
  • Pre Production
  • Location Filming
  • Post Production
  • Delivery Format Production & Duplication

A promotional website video provides the perfect opportunity to introduce products and services, build trust in your brand and dramatically increase conversion rates.

Our packages are designed to suit all needs and budgets but every project follows a similar course. From the outset we establish what you hope to achieve from the video, who’s going to watch it, where it’s going to be shown and how you’re going to use it. Armed with that information we discuss the different ways we can produce the film.  We then write scripts and storyboards and have a number of voiceover artists and presenters for you to choose from if required.

All our camera operators are highly experienced and only produce high definition broadcast quality film.  They are trained to be as unobtrusive as possible, aware that you may not wish to close your business down on the day of the shoot.  Preparation is everything in our industry and we aim to cause as little fuss and inconvenience as possible. Following the shoot, the footage is edited together to produce an end product that matches your exact requirements. The result is a stunning, effective and highly engaging film that can be uploaded onto social media sites like YouTube or Vimeo and of course embedded onto your own website.


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We create videos that deliver measurable results. We make a range of promotional videos and then distribute them to get you results and ROI.